Friday Fails

Week 1

Last week I introduced you to The Awkward Project. This week I’d like to you to get to know its little sister… Friday Fails.

Most people prefer to share the highlight reel of their life, but let’s be honest, bloopers are way funnier. They’re way more encouraging too.

Realizing your full potential is hard work, and unfortunately, not everything is going to go your way.

But when all you see is Insta brag after Insta brag, the smallest of setbacks can feel like a giant blinking caution light warning you to stop immediately before you drive off the Cliff of Failure and Humiliation. (Aaaaaaagh!)

That’s why every Friday I’ll be sharing my obstacles, challenges, setbacks and fails. And while most will probably look a little something like this…

…this week’s entry is more of a confession. So here goes. (Deep breath, Lauren.)

The Awkward Project already failed. Twice, actually.

So what happened, and why am I sharing this with you? Let’s turn to a journal entry from Awkward Project 2.0 to find out:

So basically I’m saying I yet again failed to have a substantial “awkward moment,” and honestly, I want to fudge something so I can say I was perfect or move the start date back so I have 365 perfect days. But wouldn’t that be setting others up for failure? Because if I can’t do this when I’m being incredibly intentional, how can I expect anyone else to be? I can’t! We are never going to be perfect, so I need to learn from my setbacks, adjust and move forward so I can share what worked for me in the hopes others can apply it to their lives and personal/professional goals.

Which leads me to a realization…

You can’t do the big “awkward moments” that will get you to your goals if you don’t have habits and routines that set you up for success.

After two days of everything going haywire – we’re talking my child fighting bedtime like Chuck Norris, an important work project taking way longer than expected, a random tear-inducing headache, my husband noticing a neighbor’s shed was on fire and yelling at me to call 911 while he ran over with a fire extinguisher to contain it, putting together a last minute virtual 10th birthday party that should have been a sleepover if not for this pandemic – I realized there wasn’t room in my life for one more thing.

So I hit the reset button and made some adjustments to my daily routine so I had a fighting chance at fitting an awkward moment in each day.

Here’s what that looked like for me:

  • having a stricter bedtime routine with my daughter so she doesn’t stay up late, which in turn means I stay up later, which means I hit the snooze when my alarm goes off
  • waking up two hours earlier than normal so I can get my awkward moments in before everyone else is up (this is a work in progress and probably always will be, because mornings…)
  • doing my best to clean up the kitchen and tidy the main areas of our house at night so each day starts with a clean slate instead of me waking up feeling behind

Honestly, these fixes were embarrassingly simple, but they weren’t easy to enact during this everyone-at-home-all-day season in life. But now that they’re in place, Awkward Project 3.0 is running smoothly, and I’m happy to report I’m making progress toward my goals every day.

Before you dive headfirst into your Awkward Project (or if you’ve already started and are having a hard time getting to your awkward moments), ask yourself:

How can I optimize my day so I have space in my schedule and mental space to push myself out of my comfort zone?

Are there habits or routines that I need to adjust so I have more time and energy?

What are the small things getting in my way?

Take a week or two to develop habits and routines that will allow you to fit awkward moments into your life. Otherwise you may just find yourself on the other end of a string of “I could have done better” days, weeks or months. Take it from me and my first two attempts at The Awkward Project. But hey, at least third time’s a charm!

Need a little help developing good habits (and maybe breaking a few bad ones)? Check out Atomic Habits by James Clear. While I haven’t finished reading it quite yet, it’s already made a huge difference in my day-to-day life. I’ll update here with a full review when I’m done!

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