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SELLING from THE DISCOMFORT ZONE: crush YOUR COMFORT ZONE and close more sales

Best Audience: Sales Conferences, Kickoffs + Trainings

Are any of the following limits impacting your salesforce’s success?




fear of failure


inaction toward goals


imposter syndrome


lack of confidence in ideas + decisions


overthinking/analysis paralysis




worry over what others think

What would it mean to your company if your front-line employees threw SELF-DOUBT OUT and grew into their FULL POTENTIAL?

How would their REVENUE AND REACH INCREASE (and yours along with it!) if they stepped out of their comfort zone on a daily basis?

It’s human nature to “play it safe” by sticking with what we know; they don’t call it the “comfort” zone for nothing! But if your salesforce only does what they know, they’ll never grow (and neither will their sales).

In this customized-to-your-company keynote, Lauren will teach your audience the power of getting comfortable getting uncomfortable. Whether they’re just getting started or at the top of your leaderboard, every attendee will take away way more than just motivation. They’ll get the tools they need to crush complacency and get in the zone – the discomfort zone, that is!— so they can close more sales and open the door to more opportunity.


Your Audience will learn:


  • the three ways to use discomfort to their advantage in their sales roles
  • a science-based strategy to pinpoint their optimal level of discomfort
  • to set and use a Big Awkward Goal to get crystal clear on what daily actions they should be taking
  • to uncover their unique strengths and confidently use them to grow their list of prospects and their sales through audacious authenticity
  • how to use strategic instability and consistency to reach their goals
  • BONUS! how to not just cope with change but thrive in it


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