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Maybe it’s life branding, queen.

I’d call Bravo’s Real Housewives my guilty pleasure, but the truth is, I don’t feel guilty about loving it at all. In case you aren’t familiar with the franchise, it’s a series of reality TV shows documenting the lives of “real housewives” in cities across the US. Only most of them aren’t actually housewives, so maybe blogger Brian Moylan’s alternate title – Rich Women Doing Things – would be a better fit.

One of the most thrilling parts of every new season is the reveal of that year’s “taglines.” Each housewife records a clever catchphrase for the show’s opening credits that sums up her personality and storyline for the season.

As a marketer and brand strategist, I know the value of a solid tagline. That’s why every time a new set of Housewives taglines is revealed, I can’t help but wonder,

“What would the tagline for this season of my life be?”


More importantly, what does it reveal about your current season of life? Does it reflect the person you want to be and the life you want to live, or is it time to rewrite your tagline?

That’s where I come in… My work takes the principles of business brand development that I’ve honed over 15 years and applies it to your personal growth through a process I call “life branding.”

Here are the benefits:


Traditional branding starts by identifying a company’s purpose, values and vision for the future.

In life branding, you’ll combine your purpose, values and vision into a “brand promise” that aligns your actions to your intentions, so you never waste another second on activities that are off-brand from your goals.


One of the most important functions of branding is differentiation – the process of identifying how a brand is different than its competition and leveraging those distinctions.

In life branding, you won’t just uncover the qualities that set you apart from the crowd. You’ll learn to celebrate them and use them to your advantage!


Research shows it takes a certain number of consistent impressions before someone remembers a brand, much less wants to work with it.

The same is true in life… consistency creates the reality you want. Your life brand will become your guide to the consistent action it takes to build the life and business of your dreams.

Ready to brand your life?


Branding strategist Lauren Pasqualone emboldens entrepreneurs, sales pros and leaders to succeed through “life branding,” the process of applying the strategies she’s used to build multiple, multi-million dollars brands to transform their mindsets and performance. Lauren holds a master’s degree in integrated marketing communications and earned her brand-building chops with some of the nation’s biggest names in politics, education, retail and sports (like the Super Bowl!). Today Lauren travels the country providing audiences with the clarity, confidence and consistency they need to make their dreams a reality.

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