Lauren is trusted by organizations nationwide to empower their teams to foster a culture of joy. Lauren shapes more productive, innovative and resilient workforces by shifting their culture from one of chasing joy — “We’ll be happy after we reach our goal.” — to choosing joy — “We’ll be happy while we work toward our goal.”

Lauren’s 20-year career includes experience as a marketing and branding trainer to more than 1,000 independent businesses and as a brand storyteller for powerhouses like the Super Bowl, Tampa Bay Buccaneers, US Senator, National Historic Landmark and more. Today she helps organizations build success from the inside out through a combination of research and lessons she’s learned while working with brands big and small.

Lauren’s keynotes and workshops have been hailed as energetic, memorable, spunky and fun — not to mention informative and inspirational.

Get started putting joy to work for you.


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