Transforming organizations, teams and the people inside of them into everyday innovators.

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Lauren’s presentations have been hailed as energetic, memorable, spunky and fun — not to mention informative and inspirational.

Individuals, organizations and teams across the country have applied her daringly different methodology and mindset to create new opportunities, develop creative solutions to problems, and deliver results — all by using the unique talents that already exist within.

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Use Your Differences as Your Strengths to Innovate, Problem Solve, and Get Results

If you want to be BETTER than the norm, you have to be willing to be DIFFERENT from the norm. That’s the message Lauren shares through #LOL storytelling, case studies and scientific research in her most trending talk.

From Steve Jobs to the Kardashians, the world rewards innovators. People who:

  • create their own opportunities
  • see change as a chance to innovate
  • approach processes in new and exciting ways
  • solve problems using their unique points-of-view
  • make personal progress through value creation
  • motivate those around them to push progress forward

Organizations, teams, and the individuals within them can leverage their full potential by adopting an innovative mindset and methodology.

This presentation will equip your attendees to use their differences as their strengths and fast-track the pursuit of your goals, such as fostering leadership, increasing sales, developing a happier/more productive workforce, and more. Lauren will collaborate with you to create a presentation that’s as one-of-a-kind as your audience and objectives.

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“Lauren’s delivery was spunky and fun, yet informative and truly helped us all break down our goals to make them achievable. I would definitely recommend Lauren!”

Amanda Smith Rasnick, CMP
MPI Ohio, VP of Education
Lake Erie Shores & Islands CVB, Director of Sales


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