How to Know Where You Need to Grow

Step One

This post is the second in a 5-part series designed to crush your comfort zone and kickstart your goals. Click here to go to the first post if you’re just beginning your journey awkward and upward (or don’t even know what that means!).

While some women are born to shop, I find no joy in the hunt for items that fit my budget and my body.

To make the fitting room (a.k.a. the room of doom) slightly less demoralizing, I decided to take the advice of a professional stylist and do some research on dressing for my body type. A quick Google search turned up ample advice to help any woman pick the best bikini or pair of jeans for her figure. Well, ALMOST any woman…

While the guides I found offer recommendations for an entire fruit salad of body shapes from apple to pear, I’ve yet to come across any suggestions for my particular form.

Behold, the Grinch body:

You’re a Mean One, Mr. Grinch Body

Like the Grinch, my middle has a tendency to swell when left unchecked by proper nutrition and exercise. Yet no matter how hearty my midriff heft, my arms and ankles remain two sizes too small.

This anatomical anomaly makes it practically impossible to find a pair of pants that fit just right – particularly the ever-popular skinny pant. If I purchase a pair that leaves adequate room for my bloated belly, they’re too baggy around my tiny ankles. If I buy a size that hugs my legs, it strangles my middle. (Ironically, this causes me to be more Grinch-like mentally. Is there anything more irritating than a tight pair of pants?!)


The Naked Truth

The challenges of my unique physique have led me to a love/hate relationship with pants. I love how they look, but I HATE how they feel. While good things come from uncomfortable action, discomfort is also an indicator that something just isn’t the right fit.

So here’s the bottom line I’ve learned from my bottoms: When I’m uncomfortable in my britches, it’s usually because they aren’t big enough. Believe it or not, the same is true of our goals.

Do you feel uncomfortable in a particular area of your life, career or business? It’s possible you’ve let yourself settle for something that’s too small to pack in all your potential.

At the end of “How the Grinch Stole Christmas,” Dr. Seuss wrote that the Grinch’s heart “grew three sizes” when he discovered the true meaning of the holiday. Maybe it’s time to size up your aspirations, grow and discover your meaning too.

And now, your awkward question: In what area of your life, business or career are you currently uncomfortable and ready to level up?

Answer the prompt above to apply this step to your life. In the next post, we’ll get more specific on exactly what you want to achieve in that area.

This post is from the Summer 2020 issue of Awkword Magazine


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