Dear 2020, it's been real.

Real awkward.

Has being bored in the house (and in the house bored) left you stuck in a quarantine rut? Inside this issue of Awkword you’ll find a simple, science-backed plan to create a new normal that’s even more successful than the old one. (The old normal is so 2019, anyway.) Click here to learn what The Awkward Project is then head over to our checklist for five simple steps to launch one in your life, business or organization.

This year may not have started the way we thought it would, but there’s no reason we can’t go from awkward to awesome by the end of it. Now more than ever, it’s important we’re equipped to face change, overcome obstacles and maintain momentum (or at least get back on track). As you’ll read in A Look at the Awesomeness of Awkwardness, time spent out of our comfort zones can lead to amazing things.

Awkward and upward, my friends!

Lauren Pasqualone is a keynote speaker, writer and creator of
The Awkward Project.

This post is from the Summer 2020 issue of Awkword Magazine


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