I’m sharing a letter I wrote for my daughter this weekend, because after I finished it, I realized I needed the message as much as she did. Then I realized maybe you need it too. Go for that goal, start that hobby, get that haircut, launch that business, make that change. Be as curly as you want to be.

Dear precious Penelope,

Your excitement was contagious Friday morning as I let out the braids you slept in to reveal tight curls in your normally straight hair. You couldn’t wait to show your friends, and I love that you put on sunglasses to see if they would recognize you.

My heart broke in two when you later told me another child said that “you aren’t pretty with curly hair,” and it shattered in a million pieces when you tearfully confessed you tried to “flatten” your curls.

Please don’t ever flatten anything about yourself. Not your hair. Not your personality. Not your ambition or your effervescent spirit. Not a single thing.

Never give someone else the power to turn your excitement into embarassment again. You are beautiful with curls. You are beautiful without curls. You are beautiful from the inside out.

Dear precious person reading this,

You are beautiful too. Never flatten anything about yourself because of someone else either.

Stay curly and kind, my friends.

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