What are you afraid of?

I’m not talking about regular ol’ scaries like spiders, heights or the dark. I’m talking about the really frightening stuff. The monsters that lurk in your deepest, darkest spaces. Phobias like the fears of failure, other people’s judgment, being exposed as an imposter or falling short of perfection.

These mischief-makers have supernatural powers. They can freeze you in your place, making it feel impossible to move ahead no matter how badly you want to. They play mind games, causing you to doubt your abilities and your worth. They can even cast a cloud of shame over you, conjuring embarrassment when you should feel confidence.

Have these fears ever put a spell on you?

If so, you are not alone. A startling 85% of us suffer from self-doubt that stems from one or more of these fears.


From Frightful to Fruitful: a new way to transform Your Mindset and actions

The first decade of my career was spent in the marketing departments of major corporations, helping build the brands of multiple, multi-million dollar organizations. In each of my positions, my team would identify what set our company apart from the crowd, then we’d tout that differentiator in every press release, advertisement and customer touchpoint we produced.

I eventually left my corporate career behind to teach small business owners how to replicate million-dollar marketing strategies on a shoestring budget. As I worked with hundreds of entrepreneurs, sales pros and emerging influencers, I found that many of them had unmet goals and unrealized potential. Bogged down by perfectionism, imposter syndrome, worrying about what others will think or the ultimate fear — failure — these go-getters were stuck in their own self-doubt. They had decided it was better to blend in than to chase their dreams.

Their stories got me thinking… maybe it’s time they run their lives like their businesses.

And that’s how Life Branding was born!


Life Branding takes the principles of business brand development and applies it to your personal growth, transforming your mindset and actions from fearful to fruitful.

Over the next three weeks, I’ll be sharing the three basic principles of life branding so you can design your own life brand.

Here’s how you’ll benefit if self-doubt has crept into your life:


Traditional branding starts by identifying a company’s purpose, values and vision for the future.

In life branding, you’ll combine your purpose, values and vision into a “brand promise” that aligns your actions to your intentions, so you never waste another second on activities that are off-brand from your goals.


One of the most important functions of branding is differentiation – the process of identifying how a brand is different than its competition and leveraging those distinctions.

In life branding, you won’t just uncover the qualities that set you apart from the crowd. You’ll learn to celebrate them and use them to your advantage!


Research shows it takes a certain number of consistent impressions before someone remembers a brand, much less wants to work with it.

The same is true in life… consistency creates the reality you want. Your life brand will become your guide to the consistent action it takes to build the life and business of your dreams.

Ready to shake off those self-doubt scaries,
become bewitched with your individuality
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