I’m so excited… I just can’t hide it! Our new goal-getting series starts RIGHT. NOW. Whether you’re a seasoned goal-getter looking for motivation anywhere you can get it, a setter-and-forgetter who wants to finally see your goals through, or a total newbie, these challenges are for you. Each week you’ll learn a different step in my goal-setting system and use it to turn your dreams – professional or personal, big or little – into reality. So are you ready to get goaling?

I’ve nicknamed this week’s personal development prompt the In My Feelings Challenge, but don’t worry… I’m not daring you to dance to a Drake song (although you’ll probably want to dance once you’ve got your goals set). In this version, you’ll be getting in your feelings to find your fuel-fillment – a personalized definition of fulfillment that will keep you goaling no matter what!

You see, traditional goal setting works on the days when everything seems possible, but what about the days where nothing seems possible or worse, when the goals you were going for become impossible for reasons outside of your control?

That recently happened to me, and it forced me to change the way I set my goals so I can keep moving forward no matter what life throws my way. This week, I’m challenging you to do the same.

Your Challenge: Find Your Fuel-fillment and Align Your Goals To It

Watch the video above to learn how to shift from achievement-based goals to fulfillment-based goals so:

  1. you’re more excited to get goaling than ever before
  2. you’re prepared to push through any obstacles that get in your way
  3. you have the tools and permission you need to pivot when everything goes haywire or a door (or two! or three!) slams in your face (which is why I had to make this change)

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In this video, you’ll learn:

  • how two weeks from *you know where* forced me to change the way I set my goals [0:46]
  • to channel your inner child and ask “why, why, why” so you can see WHY this change matters [2:00]
  • to develop your own personal definition of fulfillment and goals that align with it by answering just four questions [5:03]
  • how to use your fulfillment-focused goals to achieve more… no matter what! [7:24]

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