Around this time last year, I started this blog. On a completely unrelated note, popstar Ariana Grande and SNL funnyman Pete Davidson‘s relationship was heating up.

Over the course of the next few months, their budding romance and my budding blog fizzled out.

By October, both were done for.

In the aftermath, Ariana wrote a hit breakup anthem – Thank U, Nextand I decided to take a break from blogging. As I considered what to do with this space, Ariana’s chart-topper was inescapable, invading every Spotify playlist and radio station that I tuned into.

Warning: She express her gratitude a little, errrr, colorfully so maybe don’t watch with the kids…

Around the 1,532,748th time I heard the song, the earworm that I just couldn’t get out of my mind initiated a total mindset transformation. In the song, Ariana names her exes one by one and shares something that she learned from each of them. Ultimately, she sings that she’s thankful for them, because she’s using the lessons they taught her to move forward.

Going into this year, I was a little lost. I needed to be reminded that sometimes things not working out actually works out perfectly.

Thanks to a little nudge from Ariana, I’m ready to shout “THANK YOU, NEXT” from the rooftops – or at least my small corner of the world wide web. While I wish some of the circumstances were different, I’m so forking grateful for the lessons on grit and resiliency that I learned in the most recent chapter of my life and can’t wait to use them to help others as they work toward their goals.

So what’s next?

So glad you asked! Over the last few years, I’ve helped hundreds of individuals and organizations reach their goals and overcome their obstacles, and now, I’m on a mission to do the same thing in my own life… and in yours too!

Wanna go for your goals with me?

Starting Monday, May 13, I’ll be sharing the goal-getting system that I’ve used to help others make their dreams a reality through my weekly emails. Each week I’ll share the step that I’m currently implementing and invite you to use it too. I’m so excited about all that we are going to accomplish!

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Oh, about that last part… While I take goals seriously, I think reaching them should be seriously fun, so I promise we’ll have a ball every step of the way.

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