Launch Your Own Awkward Project

To your full potential and beyond!

Boost your life, career or business with an Awkward Project of your own! Get started with this prelaunch countdown: 

5) Choose your destination.

 While the Awkward Project is designed to get you out of your comfort zone, not all discomfort is a good thing. Audit your life, biz or career to pinpoint any areas of consistent uneasiness, such as finances, health or self-esteem. Now flip that worry on its head by writing an affirmation as if the opposite were true. If you’ve got your mind on your money (and your money on your mind), you could write, “I am financially free.” or “My business is a six-figure business.” This is the destination you’re shooting for. 

4) Pick your benchmarks.

Now it’s time to set goals that will guide you on your journey. Think of them as a place to rest, refuel and reassess your plans along the way to your destination. Each goal you reach will give you an extra boost! What are 1-3 goals that will help get you the farthest fastest right now?

3) Identify what’s holding you back.

Consider where you want to be (your destination). What behaviors, habits and thoughts are keeping you grounded in your comfort zone? Be honest with yourself here. No one else is looking at your answers, but you’ll have a much harder time getting off the ground if you don’t acknowledge what’s pulling you down to start with.

2) Make a flight plan.

Going for your goals is like taking a trip in an Awkward Rocket. To journey awkward and upward, you have to think and act in ways that counteract the limiting behaviors and mindsets you identified in Step 3. Brainstorm ways you can get out of your comfort zone and give yourself a boost toward your goals. For instance, if you set a goal to double your sales this year but acknowledged that being shy is keeping you from selling, you could list going to one networking event a month as an idea.

1) Blast off!

Now for the fun part… It’s time to launch your Awkward Project! Each week, aim to have 3-5 intentional “awkward moments” in which you get out of your comfort zone using one of the ideas you just came up with.

Research shows we make the most progress when we pick a task that’s just far enough outside of our comfort zone to jump-start our adrenaline but not so far out that we get overwhelmed. Focus on taking one small step at a time; they’ll add up to giant leaps.

Blast off is just the beginning… The real adventure in awkwardness starts after your Awkward Project has launched. Be sure to follow @laurenpasqualone on Instagram and Facebook for tips and tools to make your mission possible.

This post is from the Summer 2020 issue of Awkword Magazine


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