Isolated and Upward

Thoughts from a Work-From-Home Pro

When I started the Spring Forward Challenge two weeks ago,* I had no idea just how far out of our comfort zones we’d all be soon. In just a few days, life as we know it temporarily changed, and if you’re anything like me (or what seems like every one of my Facebook friends), you’ve got all the feels about what the immediate future holds in light of the coronavirus pandemic.

Since I’ve worked from home for the last five years, I thought it might help to share my favorite productivity tool with those of you adjusting to social distancing:  athleisure.**

Seriously! Slap on a pair of yoga pants, and you’ll find that uninhibited by unrelenting buttons, zippers and waistlines, your mind and body are free to take on anything that comes your way.

But while it has many benefits — primarily glorious comfort — there’s a side effect to wearing it too many weeks in a row. Regularly clothing yourself in a soft, stretchy pant is likely to lead to some personal growth… in your waistline. (Unless, of course, you actually work out in them. Can you imagine?)

With events cancelled and school and work happening remotely for many, the changes in our schedules are a little bit like switching from business wear to athleisure… We have more room than we’re used to. Why not use that extra flexibility to grow?

What have you been wanting to learn or improve on? Is there a bestselling book you haven’t gotten around to, a new skill that could up your professional game or maybe a just-for-fun hobby you’ve been meaning to try out? (I’ve been dying to learn breakdancing for years… seriously!) Perhaps you want to calm the chaos that you can control by getting organized or even use your workout wear to — *gasp* —work out!

It doesn’t matter what you do. Just try to stretch yourself over these next few weeks! (Yoga pants optional, although I highly recommend wearing them as often as you can while you can.)

*While I’ll be taking a break from my regularly scheduled emails for now, I wanted to share this mini-challenge I’m taking on at home over the next few weeks in case you might like to do something similar. We are in this together!

**On a serious note, I’m here if you have any questions about how to hold virtual meetings, manage team projects remotely or anything else you need to work from home. Click here to contact me. Did I mention we are in this together?