I’ll never forget the day I drove into my hometown after Hurricane Michael. I sobbed as my husband and I surveyed the devastation from the category-5 storm.

Josh spent days cutting trees so my sister and her family could access their home via their driveway (instead of through a makeshift path in the woods). We climbed over massive tree trunks to check on my grandparents’ house (a house that they still can’t occupy almost a year following the storm), and I wasn’t able to return to my mother’s house – my childhood home – for days to come due to downed trees blocking the roadway. (It’s hard to believe we were the lucky ones.)

At the same time, heroes from across the state and the country were descending on my hometown and the surrounding areas, leaving their own comfort behind so my friends, family and neighbors could regain theirs.


Today is Florida Lineworker Appreciation Day. Instead of just offering gratitude for their selflessness and service, I’d like to offer a challenge to myself and you. The heroes of Hurricane Michael showed us that small steps taken one by one – one tree, one pole, one line at a time – can lead to BIG strides. Strides that light up entire sections of the world.

✨ What small step can you take today toward your biggest goal – the goal that would light up your corner of the world? ✨

This week, take that one small step in their honor. Then take the next and the next and the next… until you’ve taken your entire world by storm. ⚡️

P.S. I posted this earlier this year, but it bears repeating: Recovery is a long way from over in North Florida, but there are many ways you can help if you’re inspired to do so. Here are a couple of organizations close to my heart that are in need of your support: North Florida Inland Recovery and Calhoun-Liberty Hospital.