Omelet you in on a secret…

The only New Year’s resolutions I’ve kept over the past few years have all been egg-related. A few years ago I mastered the art of the omelet, and more recently I perfected poaching. So this year I’m setting myself up for success and only resolving to do one thing — learn to make flawless fried eggs.

As for all the other stuff, like my health and wealth? I’ve still got goals, but this year I’m opting not to hit some invisible reset button simply because of the date on the calendar. Instead I’ll just keep making progress toward the promise I’ve made to myself. (Click here to make your own Life Brand Promise!)

So don’t beat yourself up if broken resolutions from the past have left egg on your face. It’s consistency – not a calendar date – that drives results.

What’s one thing you can get cracking on today that will move you closer to the life and business of your dreams?

This post inspired by Life Branding with Lauren Benefit No. 3:


Research shows it takes a certain number of consistent impressions before someone remembers a brand, much less wants to work with it. The same is true in life… Consistency creates the reality you want. Your Life Brand is your guide to the consistent action it takes to build a life and business you love.

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