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Lauren’s presentations have been hailed as energetic, memorable, spunky and fun — not to mention informative and inspirational.

Individuals, organizations and teams across the country have applied her “joy-full” model to get better results, have happier employees and turn obstacles into opportunities.

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A Stronger Workforce Starts with You

From recruiting to onboarding and employee retention, HR lays the foundation of an institution’s culture. There’s an unexpected tool you can use to strengthen the foundation — JOY!

Research shows a culture of joy creates a more productive, unified, and satisfied workforce across an organization. Different from happiness that depends on good circumstances, joy is an ever-present source of motivation that stands up to change, challenges, and setbacks.

Joy-n Lauren in this dynamic presentation to find out how to put joy to work for your institution.

Attendees will be able to:

  • distinguish between short-term happiness and lasting joy, and understand
    why the distinction matters
  • use the science behind joy to your institution’s advantage
  • identify thieves of joy in the workplace and employ tactics to keep them at
  • audit your workforce’s current level of joy
  • implement suggested actions and ideas to get started creating a culture of

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“I highly recommend booking Lauren for your next event! She is a pleasure to work with, delivers materials on time, exceeds expectations, and provides a creative and memorable experience for attendees.”

Alyssa Gibson
Manager of Education
American Alliance of Orthopaedic Executives


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