What does it mean to be awkward?


  1. uncomfortable (e.g. an awkward silence)

  3. abnormal; different than established norms (e.g. “OMG, Did you talk to that lady over there? She is sooo awkward.”)

What does it take to be successful?


  1. to be comfortable getting uncomfortable

  3. to dare to be different from the norm

Is it just us, or do they go hand in hand? Enter…

The Awkward Project is a real-time experiment to find out how much a person can achieve by pushing themselves out of their comfort zone. What started as a research project has turned into a nationwide campaign, inspiring audiences and individuals to turn their ambition into action through persistent, consistent “awkward moments” spent outside of their comfort zones.


How It Started

In Lauren’s early years as a business and branding coach, some clients exploded to the next level while others fizzled out right where they were. There was one primary difference between them. While the underperforming clients were given the exact same knowledge, they struggled with stepping out of their comfort zones and actually using it.

Lauren looked for resources that could help the clients who were less comfortable getting uncomfortable. Unfortunately everything she found was either:

  • too heavy: academic papers filled with so much jargon a team of scientists was needed to interpret them, or…

  • too light: blogs and social media posts made up of platitudes like, “Success is on the other side of your comfort zone!” (Sure, that makes a great Instagram graphic or tweet, but how is someone supposed to implement that!?)

Lauren distilled the expert advice and science-backed strategies she found into a “Goldilocks standard” for comfort-zone crushing guidance – not too heavy, not too light, but “just right” for busy, ambitious people (like you!).

Ever heard the saying, “Never trust a skinny chef?” The same could be said for people who talk the talk but have never walked the walk. Ready to turn her own ambitions into action, Lauren created The Awkward Project to test the research out on herself.


How It's Going

These days Lauren shares her adventures in awkwardness with audiences across the country, inviting them to be active participants in the ongoing project in real time. Better yet, she gives them the tools they need to step out of their comfort zones and into their full potential with an Awkward Project of their own. Find Out More >>


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