Take a good hard look at every little thing you’re giving your time and energy to (right down to that completely accidental late-night Netflix binge). What are you getting back from them in return?!

If the answer is NOTHING, it’s time to trade them out for activities that will get you closer to your goals or help you recharge (so you have the energy to keep goaling!).

Your Challenge: Trade Your Time + Energy Drains with Goal-Getting Gains

Watch the video above to find out how to identify your time and energy drains and replace them with goal-getting gains!

(BONUS CHALLENGE: Name how many Beyoncé puns I managed to fit in!)

In this video, you’ll learn:

  • what you should be getting in return from everything you are giving time or energy to [0:55]
  • how to identify things that are draining you of your time and energy… [1:11]
  • …and replace them with activities that will get you closer to your goals [3:20]
  • the importance of auditing ALL of your commitments – even those to good causes – to make sure they aren’t detrimental to your health or your goals [3:48]

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