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SELLING from THE DISCOMFORT ZONE: crush YOUR COMFORT ZONE and close more sales

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It’s human nature to play it safe by sticking with what we know; they don’t call it the comfort zone for nothing! But if your front-line employees only do what they know, they’ll never grow (and neither will their sales).

But let’s be real… pushing yourself out of your comfort zone and toward your goals can feel downright awkward. In this personalized-to-your-participants keynote, Lauren will teach your salesforce to embrace the awkwardness of turning their ambition into action. Participants will walk away comfortable getting uncomfortable thanks to a simple, science-backed life and career hack that will get them out of their comfort zones and moving toward their full potential.

Whether they’re just getting started or at the top of your leaderboard, every attendee will take away way more than just motivation. They’ll get the tools they need to crush complacency and get in the zone – the discomfort zone, that is! — so they can close more sales and open the door to more opportunity.


Your Audience will learn:


  • the science behind comfort zones and how intentionally stepping out of theirs is essential to responding to change, overcoming challenges and performing at their very best
  • how to pinpoint the “sweet spot” outside of their comfort zones that leads to increased sales while avoiding overwhelm and burnout
  • how to identify the behaviors, habits and thoughts that are keeping them grounded in their comfort zones and what actions they can take to counteract them
  • how to develop a mindset of confidence, passion and focus that supercharges their sales

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